This is a list of frequently asked questions and answers

  • Q: Help! My CRCTE dropper caps are leaking!

  • A: Don't worry.  This can happen if the cap is not fully installed.  When installing CRCTE dropper caps always ensure that the break away tamper ring passes completely to the other side of the retaining lug on the neck of the bottle. The ring can get quite snug but not be fully installed.  This fools some users into believing the cap is sealed when in fact the cap is not fully tightened.  Its a good idea to visually check that the ring is passed the lug.  For particularly stubborn caps it can be helpful to apply firm downward force while tightening or to apply mild heat to the cap before installing.  Alternatively the rings can be torn off and the cap used as a CRC type if you do not need the tamper evident feature.

  • Q: What to all these abreviations next to caps names mean?
  • A: These abbreviations generally refer to a feature of the cap which may be too long to fit in the name properly. 
  • Safety Features:
    TETamper Evident
    CRCChild Resistant
    CRCTEChild Resistant and Tamper Evident
    Material Type:
    HDPEHigh Density PolyEthylene
    LDPELow Density PolyEthylene
    PETPolyethylene Terephthalate

  • Q: Does the cap come with the tube

  • A: Yes it comes with the tube.  With so many bottle sizes and tube lengths we opted not to display the tubes in some of the product photos. An appropriately sized tube is provided.
  • Q: Are your glass products lead and BPA free.

  • A: Yes our product are lead and BPA free.

  • Q: Are the pipettes for dropper caps glass or plastic

  • A: The pipettes for our dropper caps are glass

  • Q: Where are your products manufactured

  • A: Our products are manufactured in a variety of places such as Canada, Mexico and China.

  • Q: Are you product recyclable

  • A: All of our PET LDPE HDPE are recyclable.  For glass products only items that do not have a coating are recyclable.